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Know your retirement plan options - Small Business

Know your retirement plan options - Small Business

July 24, 2023

A retirement plan could be big for your small business. A retirement plan can save money, boost revenue, and help give you and your employees a comfortable future.
As an Employer, a company plan may help you:
-Save for your own retirement
-Receive tax credits and other incentives from the federal government
-Attract- and Keep- Better Employees
-Realize increased worker productivity, especially if your plan is connected to company profits.
-Deduct all employer contributions from current taxes
Your Employees (and YOU) may benefit because they can:
-Invest for the future
-Put away more money for retirement through most small-business plans than they might otherwise be able to save through an IRA.
-Realize tax-deferred growth of investments
-Be more content with a benefits package that includes a company retirement plan
-Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of the financial professional associated with your plan
If you're wondering which retirement plan is right for you and your business, then give me a call (803) 736-3406. We have plans that work for every size business, from 1 owner / Employee to more than 300 employees- and even if you don't have any employees.
Know your options, attract and keep the best talent around you and your business.